If you've ever woken up around 2am with a sudden onset of pain in your foot, it is probably a safe bet you have gout. Most likely, you have had these symptoms before and would like to know how to get rid of gout as easily as possible.

Originally we were going to shoot up 75 from Saint Ignace to Sault Ste. Marie to watch boats go through the famous Soo Locks, but I changed plans on the fly after about five miles of dead straight (read: BORING!) riding. We took the exit for State Road 134 and headed out to Detour Village. The views of Lake Huron were wonderful and there are lots of places to pull over and walk the beach or just soak in the view.

People also use lavender dried flowers for cooking. A small amount can be added for additional interest to a shortbread or sugar cookie recipe. Dried lavender flowers can also be used to fill the body cavity of chicken or a slow cooker pork loin wrapped around the herb to create an amazing flavor in your savory meat dishes. Your summertime glass of lemonaide can be brightened with a sprinkle of dried lavender as well.

Here's Tip No1: If winter is on the way then perhaps it may be a good idea to invest in a slow cooker if you haven't already. They're fantastic kitchen appliances and are great for those hearty winter soups and heart healthy cooking. It's so easy make up a large amount of soup and freeze it in single or double portions ready for defrosting and reheating. Homemade soups are always easy healthy meals and are often best prepared well ahead of time.

Thirdly, coupons are a good way to add to your savings. For example, if you get a fifty cent coupon for toothpaste and your store has double coupon, go through the dollar isle of the store. My local grocer sells toothpaste in the dollar isle for just that, one dollar. Every time I get a coupon for fifty cents or a dollar off I grab a tube, which means I get all my toothpaste for free. Another item is crackers. If you buy snack crackers like Town House or Club, sometimes they go on sale for 2.00 a box instead of 3.65, then with a coupon for fifty cents off on two, that makes it 1.50 a box which is a total savings of 2.15 a box. Stock up especially if it's on sale and you have more than one coupon for something.

In Ireland, Scotland, and England, porridge is a traditional breakfast made with steel-cut oats and water. Salt, milk, or cream might sometimes be added, although all that's needed for porridge to be porridge is the oats and enough water to soften them over a long, slow cooking time.

There you go. I recommend you use the slow cooker asda cooker when you are cooking your stew. That way, you do not have to worry about cooking your stew in a wrong way.